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It's only a dream...

hit counterHi I'm Hannah, 21, county durham.I like things and stuff.

Safe to say I’m having a panic attack

Aug 12th at 1AM / 0 notes

I fell asleep with my Yankee candle burner burning. It set on fire. I have no idea what woke me up but the window is cracked and the paint is chipped. My uncle sorted it out. And went back asleep. But I can’t now, as the thoughts of “what if I didn’t wake up?” My 2 year old nephew and my parents are in the room below me. It’s the first time I have ever fell asleep with it on and this is what happens. All my candles are in the bin now and I’m pooping my self when everyone finds out in the morning.


The flaming crayon sculptures of Herb Williams 

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